Phoenix Illini Club Board Election - Please submit your nominations!

Message from Past President James Dwyer

As the most recent past president of the Phoenix Illini Club who still lives in the Phoenix area, I consider it my duty with the concurrence of the Board of Directors to call for a new election for President, and it is also time for an election of board members.


As most of you know, Brian Bradtke had to vacate his position of president because he moved to Dallas to make a successful career move.  I can’t say enough about the outstanding job Brian did for the Club. Brian ushered in a new infusion of younger members that will serve the club well for years to come. He truly did make the Phoenix Illini Club great again. 


His departure leaves a big void Even though this virus pandemic has thrown everything in the country into chaos, we must carry on and find new leadership that will build on the progress Brian made. Hopefully the Board and I would like to have a new president and full board in place by December 1.  Therefore, I am asking for nominations to be submitted to the Phoenix Illini Club no later than October 10, with an election to be held shortly thereafter.


Here is the format:

Please consider nominating yourself to serve on the Board.  Participation is vital to the success of the Club. You must be an active (dues paid) member.  Nominations must be submited via email to (click Nomination Submission Link to launch an editable email message).  You may nominate other members, but please include their name and email address.  In your submission, please clearly indicate:
1) Yes - I nominate myself for the Board, and

2) Yes or No - I also nominate myself for President.

Also in your email, please provide some brief information about yourself that can be shared with the voting members, for example:
1. Your background and interests (e.g. Alumnus?, student background & interests, current interests, achievements, etc.)
2. Your vision for the future of the Phoenix Illini Club
3. How you can help as a Board member.


Visit Board of Directors Election Process for details about Board responsibilites and the voting process.

Please submit your nomination by October 5.

Election process:  Active members on record as of 10/5/2020 will receive an email ballot with attached background information about the candidates.  They will vote for up to five (5) candidates for at-large Board positions and one (1) candidate for president.


Again, thank you all for support.  I am confident a new president with support of a great Board of Directors will make the Phoenix Illini Club greater than ever.


Jim Dwyer