Board Of Directors Election Results


Introducing our Newly Elected Board.

We are pleased to announce the results of the election of our Board of Directors.  The active (dues paid) members were eligible to vote.  The vote totals are as follows:

For President

 Candidate  Votes
 James (Jim) Dwyer 19
 John Simon  16

  For the Board

 Candidate  Votes
Brian Bradtke 36
 James (Jim) Dwyer  28
Greg Ives  30
Philip Kojich  25
Laura Rogal  30
John Simon 29

James Dwyer is elected to the Board as President.
Brian Bradtke, Greg Ives, Laura Rogal, and John Simon are elected to the Board.
Thank you to the candidates.  The close results indicate the appreciation of all the candidates by the membership.

Congratulations to our new Board!  Go Illini!

Election Timeline:

  • August 21-26: Bylaws Approved.  Club membership approved new bylaws which define the structure and election process for its Board.  A majority of the active membership participated and voted unanimously for approval.  Click Bylaws News Article for further information.
  • September 20 - October 15: Board Nominations.  In accordance with the bylaws, all active members were solicited via email for self-nominations to the 5 Board positions, including President.  We received 6 nominations for the Board including 2 nominations for President.   Click About the Candidates to read about them.
  • October 31 - November 7: Board Election.  In accordance with the bylaws, Board members and the President must be elected by the Club membership.  This was done via email ballots to the current active members. 
  •  November 9:  Election Results Communicated.