Results of the 2020 board of directors election

Message from James Dwyer,  2020 Board Election Chairperson:

It is my pleasure to announce the results of the 2020 Election of the Phoenix Illini Club Board of Directors.

We greatly appreciate the strong field of candidates:  Michelle Bergman, Chuck Patti, Lindsey Barnard, Jared Bosch, Mike England, Teresa Ives, Cori Klues, and John Simon.

See Candidate Background Information.

The new president will be Michelle Bergman.  I believe that she will build on the great success of the immediate past President Brian Bradtke.  I would also like to thank Charles Patti for running for president as he gained a good number of votes.
The election results have also provided the club with the additional four board members that reflect a good mix of young and old members.  Of course, Michelle Bergman is chairman of the board, and she will be joined by Jared Bosch, Teresa Ives, Corinn Klues, and John Simon.  I am also grateful to others who ran for the board as it was a very close race for the four spots.  Those who did not win this time should not be discouraged.  All received a fair number of votes, and I hope they stay active.  I know from my own experience that voting this time was very difficult considering all the great candidates.

There are four people I would like to acknowledge for their efforts on behalf of the club.  Brian Bradtke did an exceptional job as President, ushering in a new infusion of younger member.  Chris Roth is departing the Board of Directors, but I can’t thank him enough for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Club.  Chris was the President when I first joined the Club, and I consider him and Brian to be the gold standard for that position. I would also like to thank departing Board member Laura Rogel for her contributions to the Club. Finally, I can’t say enough about our webmaster, Rick Furkert.  These elections and the website do not happen without his expertise. 

Again, thank you all for support and participation...  I am confident the new leadership will make the Phoenix Illini Club greater than ever.

James Dwyer
2020 Board Election Chairperson
Former Board President