We want to recognize and highlight those who are active members of our Phoenix Illini Alumni Club!

The following criteria are necessary to be qualified for Member of the Month: must be a dues-paying individual, consistently attending our events, giving back to the community, and are leaders in their respective industries.


Lindsey Barnard

Graduation Year: 2004
Degree & Campus: Elementary Education // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: Some of my favorite memories include grabbing dinner at Fat Don's, drinking green beer all day for Unofficial St Patrick's Day, and of course watching football and basketball games.
Moved to Arizona: 2006
Job Title & Industry: Clinical Account Executive for Tempus Labs
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: I LOVE getting together with fellow alumni for different events and the camraderie of cheering on our Illini teams with friends that love Illinois just as much as I do.
Favorite Club Event: One of my favorites was our summer float trip with other Big Ten schools, but I also love that most of our events are family friendly so that my son can continue to grow his love of Illinois.  Hearing him respond I-N-I louder than me is just the best!


Rick Furkert

Graduation Year: 1970 & 1972
Degree & Campus: BS & MS, Engineering // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: Campus life in general, including all the crazy little things like midnight movies in Foellinger Auditorium with other students
Moved to Arizona: 2011
Job Title & Industry: Retired engineering & IT management // Construction equipment industry
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: I wanted to stay connected with Illinois. Amazingly, I reconnected with a UI dorm-mate who I hadn't seen since school. The club also feeds basic needs of an avid Illini & Cubs fan, through thick and thin, and thinner.
Favorite Club Event: Game watches - it gives the opportunity to mingle and meet special guests, which has been awesome.


Geoff Swanson

Graduation Year: 2010
Degree & Campus: Kinesiology - Athletic Training // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: At Kam's after we upset #1 Ohio State in 2007! U of I is one of my favorite places on earth and where I met my wife!
Moved to Arizona: 2015
Job Title & Industry: Graduate Student at NAU (Downtown Phoenix) getting Master's in Physician Assistant Studies
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: I wanted to stay connected with my alma mater and share in the fun and love for the orange & blue and make new friends with the same passion!
Favorite Club Event: Cubs/Sox spring training tailgate and all the game watches


Greg Ives

Graduation Year: 1977 & 1979
Degree & Campus: Engineering, BA & Business Administration, MBA // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: 4th of July Parade through campus, Fireworks at Memorial Stadium, Pinball Master at Apple Duck Arcade & Murphy's Pub
Moved to Arizona: 1986
Job Title & Industry: Retired from Honeywell / Currently an Aerospace Consultant
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: It was my first opportunity in over 7 years to hang out with a group of U of I alumni, make some new friends with a common history, discuss our time on campus, and enjoy a Fighting Illini game in a bar setting with sound.
Favorite Club Event: 4-day Illinois-ASU football "Duel in the Desert" weekend in 2012 // Golf tournament, pregame concert, shopping experience, and football game - all raising over a thousand dollars for the scholarship fund


Angela Breitmeyer

Graduation Year: 2000
Degree & Campus: Psychology // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: The Quad - walking through it to class, studying out on it when the weather was nice, watching it change with the season; LOVE our Quad!
Moved to Arizona: 2005
Job Title & Industry: Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Associate Professor of Psychology
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: To meet fun, fellow Illini and belong to a group with an important shared experience
Favorite Club Event: Our annual Cubs vs. Diamondbacks game - Go Cubs Go!


Mike England

Graduation Year: 1969
Degree & Campus: Agriculture (ACES) // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: Editing the weekly College of Ag newspaper was a rewarding experience
Moved to Arizona: 1994
Job Title & Industry: Hot Air Balloon Pilot - made it a job after being a hobby in Illinois (formerly a farm business analyst)
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: Right after moving to Arizona, I sought out the club because I wanted to meet other Illini and participate in club activities together.
Favorite Club Event: I am a frequent attendee to all events (and love them all), but one of the most memorable was meeting and getting to have a nice discussion with our current Athletic Director, Josh Whitman.


Don Vedeen

Graduation Year: 2010
Degree & Campus: Sport Management // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: 2008 Rose Bowl season - waking up to the sea of orange and walking to the stadium after the band played in the courtyard of the Six Pack at 6am; LOVED the environment that year
Moved to Arizona: 2012
Job Title & Industry: Vice President of Investment Sales (fancy way of saying I run a National team that sells mobile home parks) // Commercial Real Estate
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: Joined the club when I moved out here because a close friend invited me to a game watch.  I was sold after one event and have gone to every one that I can after that.  It truly is a fun time with all of us Midwesterners in one place.
Favorite Club Event: Game watches because they are convenient, great locations, and always have good turnouts.  Other favorites are the float trip on the Salt River and the Big Ten Golf Classic.


Teresa Ives

Graduation Year: 1987
Degree & Campus: Mass Communications (Journalism & Public Relations concentration) // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: 1989 Flyin' Illini basketball against Indiana at Assembly Hall & Nick Anderson hit the buzzer beater in OT, being an Illinette, & living in the Alpha Omicron Pi house with 60+ girls
Moved to Arizona: 2000
Job Title & Industry: Semi-retired // Substitute Teacher
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: Joined the club less than 10 days after moving to Arizona to meet fellow alumni and make new friends (including meeting husband, Greg!)
Favorite Club Event: Basketball game watches - were standing room only back in '04-05!


Lynn Watson

Graduation Year: 1969
Degree & Campus: Agribusiness // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: A 10-minute walk with Red Grange, 1964 Rose Bowl, 1984 Rose Bowl, 1989 Flyin' Illini, & 2005 Final Four
Moved to Arizona: 2012 (also splits time in Colorado)
Job Title & Industry: Accountant // CPA specializing in small business
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: Fellowship - a great resource for Valley information for newcomers
Favorite Club Event: ALL.  If you plan it, I will show!  We don't over-gather, so please join us when we do!


Clay Munson

Graduation Year: 2006
Degree & Campus: Landscape Architecture // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: March to the Arch 2004-05 Basketball Season
Moved to Arizona: 2006
Job Title & Industry: Landscape Designer
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: To meet new people & connect with others who had the same interest
Favorite Club Event: Football Game Watch Parties (when we win!) & the annual Chicago Cubs Spring Training Game


Cori Klues

Graduation Year: 2006
Degree & Campus: Elementary Education // Urbana-Champaign
Favorite Memory: Illini Men's Basketball beating #1 Wake Forest & Unofficial
Moved to Arizona: Summer 2006
Job Title & Industry: 6th Grade Math Teacher
Why did you join the Phoenix Illini Alumni Club: To connect with people from home when I first moved out here
Favorite Club Event: Annual Chicago Cubs Spring Training Game

Stay tuned to see who our next Member of the Month is - it could be YOU!