Results of the 2018 board of directors election

Letter from the Board President.

It is my pleasure to announce the results of the second true election of the Phoenix Illini Club.

The new president will be Brian Bradtke, who ran unopposed.  I am so happy to hand over the club leadership to a man who already has proven a great leader of our club and an invaluable asset.  Brian has ushered in a new infusion of younger members that will serve the club well for years to come.

The election results have also provided the club with the additional four board members that reflect a good mix of young and old members.  Of course, Brian Bradtke is chairman of the board, and he will be joined by John Simon, Jared Bosch, Laura Rogal and Chris Roth.

The final election results are as follows:

For President:  Brian Bradtke (22)
For the remaining for Board Positions:  John Simon (19), Jared Bosch (18), Laura Rogal (14), Chris Roth (13), Greg Ives (12), Philip Kojich (6)

I would like to thank the Phoenix Illini Club for granting me the honor of being the first duly elected president of the club.  What seems to have been a never-ending number of medical procedures over the past few years has kept me from performing as well as I should have, and I would like to thank the rest of the club leadership for doing such a great job in keeping the club alive and vibrant.

There are four other people I would like to acknowledge for extraordinary efforts on behalf of the club.  In addition to Brian Bradtke, John Simon has done an exceptional job as treasurer.  He made a superb effort to free club funds that were being held hostage by previous leadership.  I would also like to recognize the significant contributions made by Greg and Teresa Ives.  In the 12 years I have lived in Phoenix, I don’t know of any two people who have done more to make the club successful.  Finally, I can’t say enough about our wonderful webmaster, Rick Furkert.  It is because of his efforts that you can buy tickets on-line and keep informed of everything that is going on with the club. I have known Rick since 1968, and you would be hard pressed to find a better human being.

Again, thank you all for support.  I am confident the new leadership will make the Phoenix Illini Club greater than ever.

Jim Dwyer


Phoenix Illini Club Board of Directors